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Support us


You can help us to bring amazing music into the lives of those in care homes by giving your own time or money - both are of enormous value to us!


Your donations are hugely important to us! They help us to train the musicians, pay the musicians fees to lead group and individual sessions, buy instruments and pay for core costs. 

Your donation, no matter how small, will contribute hugely to making music an essential part of daily life for care homes.

  • £5 will pay for a DVD of sing-along songs and accompanying word-sheets for staff

  • £10 will pay for a pair of maracas

  • £20 will buy a box of tambourines

  • £50 will pay for a group music session 

  • £75 will pay for a group session and 3 individual one-to-one sessions

  • £200 will pay for a weekly group music session for a whole month for 20 residents

Become a volunteer

Spread the word

You can help by giving us a couple of hours a week using social media to spread the word and awareness of what we do, through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform that you are familiar with.

Group music sessions

Join us for our interactive group music sessions! You will be an invaluable help in assisting the musician in creating a positive, welcoming and safe atmosphere by encouraging the residents to join in, engaging with them and helping to dance.

Event assistance

Assist us at our fundraising events by volunteering for example, to help set up for concerts, man the door or box office, pour interval drinks and donate bottles of wine.

Fundraise for us

Why not create your own fundraising opportunities such as a sponsored run or even a skydive? If that’s not your cuppa, you could organise a tea party, raffle, jumble sale or open garden in the summer.

If you are able to volunteer in any capacity we would love to hear from you, so please do reach out using our contact form:

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