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What we do



We can offer a one off consultation to see how music can help in your home: either for an hour a week, or a regular group session, or perhaps a few hours with individuals.

Let us know and we can tailor our services to meet your requirements.

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Training for staff

Care staff are the most important people in the home as they spend the most time with the residents. they are the ones who know them best. Our musicians will collaborate with your team and encourage them to join in with the songs. They will develop the skills to  use songs with their residents in any situation and how to use best practice to encourage them to engage in group sessions.

Documentation for CQC

All groups and inidivdual sessions are written up, with the date, time, music used, responses and any other details of the session for inspection by the CQC. In addition, let us know how we can best feedback the information we have learned through the session to your care staff team.


We can create personalised playlists for each individual resident through engaging with them and their families. Through specific questions we can finding out which music creates special memories and feelings for them. We will share this information with your staff with specific titles of pieces, or via a music platform such as Spotify or dementia radio . We can also assist staff in learning how to use the technology for this.


We will provide a generic song list of the most popular songs according to the age-group of residents, with word-sheets for staff and families.


On the days when a musician is not working,  we will provide  a video recording with karaoke words for use by the home (available as a DVD or on YouTube) for activities staff.

Group sessions

Group sessions are a great way of creating a positive atmosphere and encouraging social interaction. Our group sessions are highly interactive and engage all residents on an individual basis according to their abilities. This includes, waltzing (or armchair dancing) swaying, mirroring, eye-contact, singing along, reminiscence and sometimes the use of light-weight tambourines. The energy created in these sessions is wonderful and boosts not only the morale of the residents but the care staff too.

No. Musicians provide a service in the same way as other providers and are highly skilled.  However we want music to be affordable for every home. SHINE will match fund your own contribution to the cost, £150/day (6 hours) from grant bodies, trusts and sponsorship.


It is good value because an hour of an 'entertainers' time may be more than half this.


There are loads of additional benefits too, such as detailed documentation for CQC, extra DVD /Youtube/playlist resources which the musician prepares in their own time, the cascade  effect of positive mood on residents and staff, co-operation and better carer/resident relationships and many more benefits.

We want all homes to have the opportunity to have access to music so we make it affordable by tiering our offer to suit you.


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