In-house musicians for dementia in care homes

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What we do

SHINE for Dementia provides quality professional musicians to care homes on a regular and ongoing basis for groups and individual sessions of personalised and familiar music.


This highly integrated approach to care builds trust and rapport alongside all the benefits that music brings to residents and those who care for them in care homes.


"The group music is the only activity she enjoys."

"The very first song made me relax, I’d felt so stressed and it just let everything go. It was so nice."

"It's like you're family."

Did you know?

After engaging with group arts activities 77% of people engaged in more physical activity and 82% enjoyed greater well-being.

Creative Health Report, 2017

Many studies have found that music reduces anxiety and depression, particularly if individuals engage regularly over long periods of time

World Health Organisation, 2019

Individuals responsible for residential care should feel confident that the development of ongoing music groups for this population is warranted as part of ongoing care.

The Gerontologist, 2021